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How does Droplet work?

Droplet is a wireless button that can be attached to anything that needs a reminder. Whether it’s a reminder to take your medication, feed the fish, floss at night, or take out the trash, simply attach Droplet to an object and tap it when you complete the task. Droplet will record it through the dedicated app so you can keep track of your activities and goals. Droplet can be set to only remind you if you have forgotten the task and won’t bombard you with unnecessary notifications and reminders. 

How big is one Droplet?

It’s about 20mm in diameter, or the size of an American quarter. Additional dimensions for Droplet and the smart hub are shown above. 

Does Droplet send repeated reminders via the app until you press the Droplet?

No - unless you want it to! You can configure Droplet to send as many reminders as you need, and how often you think you’ll need them. 

When will Droplet be available?

Pre-Order here. We plan to begin production this summer and start shipping at the end of the year. Our Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive Droplet. 

What is the range of Droplet?

100 feet (30 meters)  

Does it work with iOS and Android?

Our iOS app is already working well, and we are working hard on our Android app which we aim to have ready before our first hardware shipment. 

Do I need to charge Droplet regularly?

No. With typical use, each Droplet lasts for over a year with no recharge needed.  

Does it come in different colors?

Yes! Our Kickstarter backers will be choosing the new colors. 

Is there a service fee?

Nope. Once you have your Droplet, there are no additional service fees involved. 

Is there a press kit?

Yes, it can be downloaded here.

Who's the team behind this?

Droplet Life was founded in 2013 when two Stanford engineers saw friends and family members missing important activities. Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience in the consumer tech and health tech spaces. Based in San Francisco, the Droplet Life team of designers and engineers is passionate about helping people be the best versions of themselves.

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